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  1. [c2788] Use own SD2 Error log file. Requires C-MaNGOS 12390
  2. [c2776] Support hard-mode loot in Zul'Aman - Also fix compile
  3. [c2775] Remove a few empty lines
  4. [c2774] Fix entrance door inside Violet Hold
  5. [c2773] Fix more warnings
  6. [c2772] Fix various warnings
  7. [c2771] Use SetFactionTemporary on a larger scale. Requires C-MaNGOS 12402
  8. [c2770] Support library doors in Dire Maul
  9. [c2769] Update for quest 12801 - The Light of Dawn
  10. [c2777] Support Sartharion hard-mode loot
  11. [c2778] Fix Compile. Requires C-Mangos [12419]
  12. [c2779] Fix two missing emotes and a typo with ToC25 texts
  13. [c2787] Use FixateTarget for Boss Supremus
  14. [c2786] Use FixateTarget for Boss Sartura. Requires C-MaNGOS 12437
  15. [c2785] Refix UBRS first room event.
  16. [c2784] Happy New Year 2013!
  17. [c2783] Make random selection of Mini Bosses in Violet hold more simple
  18. [c2782] Use Unit::RemoveAllAurasOnEvade. Requires C-MaNGOS [12426]
  19. [c2781] Use C-MaNGOS CreatureAI::SetCombatMovement functionality
  20. [c2780] Improve some static code. Also cleanup npc_doctor and npc_injured_patient script
  21. [c2789] Add script support for SSC water. Requires CMangos c12470
  22. [c2790] Allow Buru to use FixateTarget
  23. [c2791] Update spell entry for quest 10898
  24. [c2792] Rename TempSummon types, accordingly to C-MaNGOS commit [c12467]
  25. [c2793] Add forgotten part of [c2791]
  26. [c2794] Add script support for Baltharus - Ruby Sanctum
  27. [c2795] Add script support for Saviana - Ruby Sanctum
  28. [c2796] Add script support for Zarithrian - Ruby Sanctum
  29. [c2797] Add missing instance data check for Pyroguard Emberseer
  30. [c2798] Improve [c2795]
  31. [c2799] Fix tiny logic issue in Scarlet Monastary script. Thanks to Jethrogibbs for pointing
  32. [c2800] Add support for VS2012
  33. [c2801] Improve and fix quests 10458, 10480 and 10481
  34. [c2802] Add script support for Halion - The Twilight Destroyer
  35. [c2803] Cleanup some white spaces
  36. [c2804] Improve script for Halls of Stone
  37. [c2805] Slightly improve script for Slad'ran
  38. [c2805] Update Tribunal of Ages event to blizzlike
  39. [c2806] Add placeholder for Varos Cloudstrider - Oculus
  40. Change patch-file's lineendings to LF
  41. Fix a warning
  42. [c2807] Fix restarting event after a FAIL
  43. [c2810] Complete Varos script - Oculus
  44. [c2809] Add texts and basic script for Varos - Oculus
  45. [c2808] Implement spell 37136 (related quest 10584)
  46. [c2811] Add support for Planar Anomalies - Eregos, Oculus
  47. [c2812] Set proper combat movement for Acherus Deathcharger
  48. [c2813] Add exception for quests 20439 and 24451 for Dalaran guards
  49. [c2814] Add placeholder for Oculus
  50. [c2836] Implement outro for Garfrost - Pit of Saron
  51. [c2835] Implement intro support for Pit of Saron
  52. [c2834] Optimize some achievement checks
  53. [c2833] Implement achievement 4524 - Doesn't Go to Eleven
  54. [c2832] Implement script for Ick and Krick - Pit of Saron
  55. [c2831] Implement Solakar Flamewreath Event in UBRS (Rookery)
  56. [c2830] Improve Nazan and Vazruden script (second part)
  57. Improve Nazan and Vazruden script (first part)
  58. [c2829] Improve script of npc_kelerun_bloodmourn
  59. [c2837] Implement ambush event - Pit of Saron
  60. [c2838] Implement tunnel event - Pit of Saron
  61. [c2847] Improve Violet Hold reset
  62. [c2846] Cleanup some scripts ported to eventAI
  63. [c2845] Implement Icy Blast for Rimefang - Pit of Saron
  64. [c2844] Implement some missing doors in Utgarde Keep
  65. [c2843] Fix unused parameter warnings
  66. [c2842] Implement script for Scourgelord Tyrannus - Pit of Saron
  67. [c2841] Improve previous commits
  68. [c2840] Implement intro and outro for Tyrannus - Pit of Saron
  69. [c2839] Minor Deadmines improvements
  70. [c2876] Fix bug in Hyjal instance script
  71. [c2875] Add support for escort quest 945
  72. Update sunwell_plateau.h
  73. [c2874] Add support for quest 1221
  74. [c2873] Allow Kil'jaeden to properly use Sinister Reflection and Power of the Blue Flight
  75. [c2872] Implement Onyxia spell Heated Ground
  76. [c2871] Implement Onyxia Kite-Prevention ability.
  77. [c2870] Onyxia Improvements. Requires CMaNGOS [c12568]
  78. [c2869] Fix compile due to CMaNGOS [c12568]
  79. [c2877] Update some scripts after CMangos [12322]
  80. [c2878] Refactor and simplify code for Sartharion - Obsidian Sanctum
  81. [c2887] Fix compile and linking. Requires CMaNGOS [c12630]
  82. [c2886] Some small improvements to Zum'Rah
  83. [c2885] Proper implement script for Zum'rah - Zul'Farrak
  84. [c2884] Fix crash for Brutallus
  85. [c2883] Improve previous commit
  86. [c2882] Add support for Executioner loot modes in Shattered Halls
  87. [c2881] Add support for Tribute Run loot modes in Dire Maul
  88. [c2880] Allow Sapphiron to be spawned using GO 181356
  89. [c2879] Properly implement the Fire Cyclones for Sartharion event
  90. [c2888] Improve code for Grandmaster Vorpil
  91. [c2894] Add script support for quest 10514
  92. [c2893] Drop some scripts which can be handled with DBscripts
  93. [c2892] Fix Feather Cyclone summoning
  94. [c2891] Add script support for the pyramid event - Zul'Farrak
  95. [c2890] Fix some warnings in two TBC instances
  96. [c2889] Add AIEvent throwing wrappers. Requires CMaNGOS [c12683]
  97. [c2895] Allow the Eredar Twins to use the Flame / Dark Touched spells
  98. Small improvements for Magtheridon RandomYell change from 2895
  99. [c2896] Implement script for Ahune - The Frost Lord
  100. [c2900] Cleanup some white spaces
  101. [c2899] Implement flight phase for Felmyst - Sunwell Plateau
  102. Add safety for some possible glitch
  103. [c2898] Add script support for quests 10512 and 10545
  104. [c2897] Add script support for quest 10540
  105. Add some minor improvements to Zul'jin
  106. [c2901] Use original caster GUID in dummy spells. Require CMangos [c12706]
  107. [c2902] Implement Simon Game - quests 11058 and 11080
  108. Fix mistake in previous commit
  109. [c2903] Update to CMaNGOS [c12716]
  110. [c2904] Add script support for quest 9446
  111. [c2905] Extend support for quest 11343
  112. [c2906] Allow Warlod Kalithresh to cast Warlord's Rage many times during the encounter
  113. [c2907] Add script support for quest 11344
  114. [c2908] Implement script for Chess Event - Karazhan
  115. [c2909] Update Ambassador Hellmaw banish behavior
  116. [c2910] Fix typo and build for [c2908]
  117. Fix build after the latest updates
  118. [c2911] Update some timers for Arcatraz intro event
  119. [c2912] Fix quest 11865 after the recent core changes [c12737]
  120. [c2913] Update some details in Sunwell Plateau to blizzlike
  121. [c2914] Add friendly game support for Chess event
  122. [c2915] Add script support for quest 660
  123. [c2916] Implement escort quests 1222 1270
  124. The patch to MaNGOS is no longer required for CMake
  125. [c2917] Add support for quest 2118
  126. [c2918] Implement basic follow-quest 2904 - A fine mess
  127. [c2919] Update to changes of cmangos [c12731]
  128. [c2920] Implement Twilight Portals event in Obsidian Sanctum
  129. [c2921] Add support for Netherspite portals
  130. [c2922] ScriptDev2 Milestone 0.7
  131. [c2923] Implement script for Ignis the Furnace Master
  132. [c2924] Improve script for Auriaya - Ulduar
  133. [c2925] Add basic script for XT-002 - Ulduar
  134. [c2926] Add script support for Hogger event
  135. [c2926] Add script support for Hogger event
  136. [c2927] Fix some missing sound ids
  137. [c2928] Slightly improve [c2926]
  138. [c2929] Implement combat abilities for XT-00 Deconstructor - Ulduar
  139. [c2930] Add basic script for Razorscale - Ulduar
  140. [c2931] Implement the Water effect for Ignis - Ulduar
  141. [c2932] Implement combat abilities for Razorscale - Ulduar
  142. [c2933] Implement spawn support and basic script for Flame Leviathan - Ulduar
  143. [c2934] Implement Flame Leviathan epilogue event
  144. [c2935] Implement Ulduar teleporters
  145. [c2936] Implement more content related to Ulduar intro events
  146. [c2937] Allow Flame Leviathan to spawn reinforcements on event fail
  147. [c2938] Implement Flame Leviathan combat abilities
  148. [c2939] Ulduar conditions and Leviathan achievements
  149. [c2940] Despawn all gauntlet generators when a tower is destroyed
  150. [c2941] Allow XT-002 to use Scrap Heal
  151. [c2942] Implement basic script on Kologarn
  152. [c2943] Implement Kologarn combat abilities
  153. Add missing override
  154. [c2955] Add script support for quest 10988
  155. [c2954] Implement basic script for Thorim
  156. [c2953] Add support for Hodir achievements 2961, 2962, 2963 and 2965
  157. [c2952] Spawn faction npcs for Hodir and Thorim
  158. [c2951] Implement combat abilities for Hodir
  159. Add missing spell to npc 2713
  160. [c2950] Fix Keeper spawn locations in Ulduar central hall
  161. [c2949] Implement basic script for Hodir
  162. [c2948] Implement combat abilities for Algalon the Observer
  163. [c2956] Implement Thorim combat phases
  164. [c2957] Allow grid searchers to exclude the source from the actual search
  165. [c2966] Update some comments
  166. [c2965] Implement abilities and game mechanics for Freya nature allies
  167. [c2964] Implement hard mode abilities for Freya
  168. [c2963] Implement basic combat abilities for Freya
  169. [c2962] Implement basic script for Freya
  170. [c2961] Complete script for Thorim
  171. [c2960] Fix some warnings
  172. [c2959] Add more content related to Thorim event
  173. [c2958] Implement more combat abilities for Thorim
  174. [c2973] Fix and improve Culling of Stratholme intro event
  175. [c2972] Implement hard mode abilities for Mimiron
  176. [c2971] Implement combat abilities for Mimiron
  177. [c2970] Implement Mimiron combat phases
  178. [c2969] Drop gossip for learning/unlearning advanced tailor skills
  179. [c2968] Fix some bad vehicle behaviors at XT002
  180. [c2967] Implement very basic script for Mimiron
  181. [c2974] Add basic data for Yogg-Saron
  182. [c2975] Fix mistake in Twin Emperors script
  183. [c2982] Implement script support for quest 11590.
  184. [c2981] Implement script support for quest 12977.
  185. [c2980] Implement script support for quest 12981
  186. [c2979] Fix Ame01 aggro texts
  187. [c2978] Add spawn support for Ulduar keepers for Yogg-Saron encounter
  188. [c2977] Implement basic script for Yogg Saron - phase 1
  189. [c2976] Make Thorim spawn the arena npcs only when players are in range
  190. [c2984] Implement script support for quests 11919 and 11940.
  191. [c2983] Fix compile for CMaNGOS c12795
  192. [c2985] Implement script support for quest 11090
  193. [c2986] Fix conflict between quest 8447 and 8733
  194. [c2987] Implement script support for quest 10310
  195. [c2988] Implement script support for quest 11154
  196. [c2989] Implement script support for quest 12652
  197. [c2990] Update commit [c2986]
  198. [c2991] Update and improve script for quest 1249
  199. [c2992] Implement script support for quest 11889
  200. [c2993] Fix build for CMaNGOS c12813
  201. [c2994] Implement script support for quest 10935
  202. [c2995] Implement script support for quest 3367.
  203. [c2996] Implement script support for quest 9729
  204. [c2997] Implement script support for quest 9879
  205. [c2998] Implement script support for quest 11085
  206. [c2999] Implement script support for quest 11673
  207. [c3000] Whitespace cleanup
  208. [c3024] Implement script support for quest 4261
  209. [c3023] Implement script support for quest 5203
  210. [c3022] Implement phase 2 transition for Yogg Saron - Ulduar
  211. [c3021] Fix script for quests 1222 and 1270
  212. [c3020] Fix typo
  213. [c3019] Implement script support for quests 11476 and 12075
  214. [c3018] Implement NpcSpellClick script hook. Requires CMaNGOS c12872+
  215. [c3017] Implement script support for the Headless Horseman - Hallow's End boss
  216. [c3016] Improve quest 12733
  217. [c3025] Disable AI attack for controllable vehicles. Requires CMaNGOS c12880+
  218. [c3026] Improve previous commit
  219. [c3035] Implement script support for achievements 2903 and 2904
  220. [c3034] Implement Yogg-Saron illusions dialogues
  221. [c3033] Update VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013 projects to today's standard
  222. [c3032] Implement support for achievements 3008 and 3010
  223. [c3031] Implement friendly keepers and sanity for Yogg-Saron encounter
  224. [c3030] Implement more details for Yogg-Saron and Ulduar
  225. [c3029] Implement Yogg-Saron illusions
  226. [c3028] Implement more content for Yogg-Saron encounter
  227. [c3027] Implement combat abilities for Yogg Saron - Ulduar
  228. [c3042] Fix Sunwell Plateau doors
  229. [c3041] Allow Shade of Jindo to use invisibility
  230. [c3040] Fix a bunch of GCC compiler warnings about missing field initializers [-Wmissing-field-initi
  231. [c3039] Fix code using 'false' as return value where type 'const SpellEntry*' is expected.
  232. [c3038] Fix a GCC compiler warning. The type of the second argument of memset is int, not float.
  233. [c3037] Remove all traces of MANGOS_DLL_DECL, which is a useless define these days. See cmangos/issu
  234. [c3036] Fix yell list from unsigned to signed
  235. [c3043] Fix Golemagg aura
  236. [c3044] Allow M'uru to be summoned after SWP doors removal
  237. [c3045] Update M'uru script
  238. [c3052] Fix broken script in Netherstorm
  239. [c3051] Update previous commit with some missing spells
  240. [c3050] Complete script for Viscidus - AQ40
  241. [c3049] Implement script for npc 19554
  242. [c3048] Update script for quest 10451
  243. [c3047] Allow Skadi to cast Freezing Cloud only on one side
  244. [c3046] Fix faction of escortee Corporal Keeshan
  245. [c3053] Add script support for quest 10286
  246. [c3054] Add enrage to Garr when a Firesworn dies
  247. [c3055] Implement script support for quest 12027
  248. [c3056] Fix some Ulduar issues and implement achievements 2996 and 2997
  249. [c3057] Update script for General Vezax
  250. [c3058] Implement basic support for Culling of Stratholme intro event